The 90-Day Challenge

Cutting calories while getting proper nutrition can be hard, expensive, and time consuming. offers you a fast ‘ideal meal’ that can save you money while providing amazing nutrition.To make a meal, mix 2 rounded scoops of the shake mix into non-fat milk or soy milk and blend. Mix with water for a protein snack. For added flavorand nutrition, you can also blend in fresh, frozen or canned fruits. Try our Shape-Up™ Health Flavor mix-ins for flavor and added nutrition.

Why is our shake better than others?

1. A unique, concentrated and absorbable blend of proteins processed to remove fat, lactose, carbohydrates and isoflavones to provide pure,concentrated protein. When mixed with milk or soy milk, we provide 20-22 grams of protein, the right mix to burn fat and build lean muscle.

2. Low sodium. Lower than other brands!

3. Contains a serving of whole milk, for bone healthy calcium.

4. Contains a full serving of fruit or vegetable fiber, without gas.

5. Contains digestive aids and enzymes, including prebiotic activity formaximum nutrition absorption.

6. Smells and tastes like cake mix! No grit! No metallic aftertaste.


What’s in Vi-Shape®?

1. A unique blend of proteins that work quickly and provide long–lasting nutrition to help you burn fat and build lean muscle.

2. Heart healthy non-GMO soy protein. (No Isoflavones)

3. Fibersol™, a new patented fiber blend that helps keep you feeling full, providing benefits of fiber without gas that can be caused by other types of fiber.

4. Aminogen™ to help your body maximize protein and nutrient absorption.

5. 23 Vitamins and minerals, along with other ingredients that help you burn fat.




To lose weight on ViSalus, we have put together 4 kits for your convince.


The Balance Kit is to help you maintain weight or to have a healthy snack.

The Shape Kit is to lose weight (about 5 – 15 lbs) you can enjoy two shakes a day for $99 for 60 days!

The Core Kit supports your active/fitness lifestyle with a patented anti-aging and energy formula, balanced nutrition, and hydration and energy without the jitters. The program is founded on keeping your nutrition in balance with one shake per day, to help your body fuel itself with lean protein, digestive enzymes, fiber, calcium, and prebiotics to support your bodies normal regularity.

The Transformation Kit is packed with the ultimate in shaping and nutritional ingredients to help you see and feel maximum results. This Kit contains a 30-day supply of everything needed to help transform your body for a healthier, happier you.


Would you like to get one of these kits for FREE?

* You can “Refer 3, Get your next month FREE!” with any Challenge Kit.

The Body by Vi™ Challenge is transforming lives across the country, helping people achieve their health and fitness goals in as little as 90 days thanks to delicious and effective products, and an easy to follow program to support your success.Promoting the Challenge has its rewards as well, including the ability for both ViSalus Customers and Distributors to receive your Body by Vi™ Challenge Kit for FREE month after month! Studies have shown that the odds of you achieving your Challenge goal go up dramatically when you take the Challenge with others, and if it can help you get your products for free, what have you got to lose??

= FREE  Challenge Kit



If you would like to join the 90-Day Challenge then visit my website









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