My Review on the at fitlosophy.

~live life fit~

If you need a workout journal then the fitbook is right for you. This book is a 12-week program journal/log book. You can keep track of your food intake, and your weekly goals, like weight, body fat loss, jean size, etc…. This book will help you keep track of your workouts, weight loss and nutritional goals. If you write it down everyday, you will make it happen. So if you have a game plan and your goals are to tone up or slim down, it is important to write down your goals. Set your 12-week goals and then set smaller goals on a weekly basis so you have a plan for achieving your long-term goals.
At the end of each week there is a weekly wrap-up page where you reflect on your week and a weekly notes page where you can write what ever you like, it even has a inspiration box where you can write what inspires you. So every week you write down your weight, body fat % or other. Write down your weekly goals {workout, nutrition, other}. You can put down your rewards and notes for the week. There is a weekly plan page where you can log your strength training, cardio, flexibility and time. Then you write down what you did for strength training, how many {sets} if it was arms, back, legs, chest, shoulders, abs…… Log your cardio exercise and time, intensity, distance, and heart rate and calories burned. Write down your flexibility exercise and leave your notes and rate your workout, killer, good, so-so, blah, or oops-missed it. Then the next page is your food log. Your write down your breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner and snack. You get to leave notes and rate your meals with smiley faces. It also comes with its own pen.
So everyday you write down your exercises and food intake for the next 12 weeks and keep track of your goals. This book is something they use on the Biggest Loser. This is their weight loss  journal.
I give this book 2 thumbs up!!! This is a must have if you are training or trying to loss weight on your own without a personal trainer. Everything in this little book is everything a personal trainer would do and tell you to keep track of. So save your money and buy a fitbook. Be your own trainer.
FitBooks model is; living life fit is a lifestyle- so follow our handy-dandy guide created to keep fitbookers moving forward.
FitBook also has fitbooks for juniors {kiddos}.

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