~Blue Cross Covers ViSalus~


I just found this article about ViSalus's wellness program called, "The 90-Day Challenge" and Blue Cross Blue Shield. It says, "Blue Cross covers ViSalus Auto-Ship Under Weight Loss Insurance." Blue Cross Blue Shield could pay for your challenge kit if your insurance covers wellness programs. This wellness program that ViSalus has is the real thing. Why does it work so well? Well it's the taste of the shake and the millions of recipes for the shakes that work. If you like something you are going to stick with it. Vi-Shape Shakes are the best tasting shakes I have ever had. Call your insurance company and find out what they cover as far as weight loss insurance. Here are our kits!   If your insurance company covers the 90-Day Challenge then send me an email at dragonfly.more@gmail.com and I will help you start your wellness program. You can visit my website for more information about the 90-Day Challenge   … [Read more...]

I need Team Members


Who would like to be on my Team and help me promote the 90-Day Challenge from ViSalus? Would you be interested on a company that did the following? 1. 20 months of double digit compounded growth. 2. 67,000 people bought into the product last month alone. 3. Over 600 people qualified for a free BMW. 4. The stock has grown from 16 to $64.80 per share in 24 months.   It's all about timing and getting in on the ground floor. Where would you be if you got into Avon, Mary Kay, or Herbalife early? This is your shot!! Don't let this one pass you by too. Think about how having an additional $500 - $1000 per month in income by Dec. 1st could change your Christmas. Now send me a message or leave a comment.   You can call 1-507-726-3700 to learn more about ViSalus and the 90-Day Challenge! I would love to work with you and have you on my team. Visit my website at; http://myfitnessworld.myvi.net/   You can also follow me on F/B … [Read more...]

Saturday Smoothie Recipe Time


~Apple Raisin Bread~ Apple Raisin Bread yogurt from Target 4oz of water 2 scoops of Vi-Shape Ice Put in all in a blender and blend.   If you would like more recipes and more information on these shakes visit my fanpage on Facebook at ViSalus Body by Vi … [Read more...]

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I have a facebook fan page I would love for everyone to "like" so please help me grow my business. Just go and click on "like".   http://www.facebook.com/pages/ViSalus-Body-by-Vi/186556688082318   Would you like to get a FREE sample????? Well "like" my fanpage and let me know you stopped by and I will send you a FREE sample! It's that easy! … [Read more...]

~Saturday Smoothie Recipe~


~Blueberry Muffin~ 2 scoops of Vi-Shape Shake mix Yoplait Blueberry Pie yogurt 8 oz of milk or Almond milk Dry Oatmeal Ice   Place all ingredients into blender and blend. YUM YUM!!!     If you would like more info about these shakes, send me an email at dragonfly.more@gmail.com If you would like to BUY these shakes click HERE. Sign up for auto-ship and save. Or follow me on facebook for more recipes at ViSalus Body by Vi … [Read more...]

pre-exercise “FUEL”


  You would not leave on a road trip with an empty gas tank; likewise, you should not exercise on an empty stomach. The American Dietetic Association (ADA) and the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) agree that athletic performance and recovery from exercise are enhanced by optimal nutrition.1 Fueling before exercise is important; exercising on a full stomach is not ideal. So knowing when to eat is just as important as knowing what to eat. Read more   Food Is Not the Problem Food is not the problem. Food is fuel. Food is health. Food is an inanimate object, just like a desk, rug or book. It has no inherent power over you. But if you feel as though a food (let’s say, bread) has power over you, bread is the symptom, not the problem. That is, the urge to over-eat bread can stem from: Read more     … [Read more...]

My Zumba PEEPS Love Me


Last night was my last Zumba class for a while. I will be on vacation for the whole month of July, so last night I had a ladies give me a card. It was the sweetest thing. It read; "April, Finding your Zumba class was one of the best things that we've done this year. You got talent and you know all the right moves!! Unlike some of us...we don't always know them. But you are patient, you don't laugh at us and you don't ever give up!! We have had so much fun on Thursdays & some Wednesdays too. We will miss you when you're gone but know you will be seeing all the people you love and learning some new moves to teach us. Take care and enjoy your time away!!!"   It's that the sweetest card? My classes all week have been packed and everyone giving me hugs and happy & safe travels. WOW, it's like I'm never coming back or something... It makes me feel so good that people enjoy my classes and care about me! People don't realize that instructors are human and we have feelings and … [Read more...]

My Saturday….

OMG!!!! Yesterday I did the coolest thing I have ever done!!!! I ran a Go Commando 5K Adventure Race! Participants did a 5K run, all while doing 10 super-fun, muddy, wet and challenging adventures! What participants get with the race fee: A fabulously fun and challenging event Sweet Go Commando hat Cool Cotton T-shirt First 4,000 registrants get Commando Adventure Paint Finisher's medal On-site post-race partyfeaturing Finnegan's Beer!     I had a blast!!!!! I can run a 5k know problem, but add hills, water, and mud to it = my butt got kicked!!!! After the race we donated our shoes. I'm so glad I signed up and got muddy!!!! If you ever get a change to do something like this, you better go for it!!!! this was the course we ran! Every hour they had 800 racers. Over 4,000 people raced yesterday. It was crazy fun!!! I'm doing again next year. Their were 26 states that had people racing, so next year if you live close to … [Read more...]

Boost Your Fat-Burn

  Burn calories and blast fat fast with the best cardio interval workouts on the treadmill, elliptical, or bike -- or using no equipment at all! 60-Minute Cycling Hill Workout Don't just coast -- make your next ride a fitness experience with this strength- and stamina-building workout designed by Lance Leener, a cycling and triathlon coach at TriLife in New York City. Find a hill that takes about 1 to 1 1/2 minutes to climb. Warm up for 15 minutes, moderate effort (RPE 5). Hill climb 1: Stay seated, use moderate resistance (RPE 6). Recover by pedaling downhill in easy gear (RPE 2). Hill climb 2: Stay seated, increase resistance (RPE 7). Recover by pedaling downhill in easy gear (RPE 2). Hill climb 3: Sit halfway up the hill, then stand, using moderate resistance (RPE 7). Recover by pedaling downhill in easy gear (RPE 2). Hill climb 4: Sit halfway up the hill, then stand using hard resistance (RPE 8). Recover by pedaling downhill in easy gear (RPE … [Read more...]

Independence Virtual 5k

  (more...) … [Read more...]

Q & A’s On How To Get Started? By: Jillian Michaels

I'm Obese. How Do I Get Started? Answered by; Jillain Michales Q: I'm severely obese, with a weight of more than 500 pounds. I've recently joined a gym, but I'm finding it hard to vary the exercises I can do. I've been switching things up with dumbbells – but I'm only working my upper body. I can't fit into the machines that work my lower body, and I'm not able to do floor exercises. One thing I am able to do is water walking in the pool, but there aren't any classes available to teach me new water exercises. Do you have any recommendations for how I can start really dropping pounds? A: First off: PROPS TO YOU for getting to the gym and being proactive about getting healthy. You're already off to a great start. Okay, now let's get down to business: WALK. You don't need to be in the gym to do this. It's free, and you can do it anywhere. Walk around your neighborhood as often as you can and for as long as possible. Shadowboxing with light dumbbells will give you a good … [Read more...]

Should you eat before or after a workout?

Should You Eat Breakfast Before or After a Workout? Don't worry about whether you're burning fat or not. At the end of the day it all boils down to calories burned vs. calories eaten. You need to fuel your body prior to exercise so you can get the most out of your workout - try something light like 1/2 yogurt, piece of fruit or 1/2 smoothie an hour before you run, then eat a solid breakfast like eggs with veggies, or oatmeal with fruit, within 2 hours post-exercise. ~By  Dr_Kara_Mohr ~ … [Read more...]

SKECHERS Tone-ups Sandals ~Spring Has Sprung~

SKECHERS Tone-ups® sandals are a great new way to help tone your legs, get more exercise and lose weight while you walk! Click on the banner to take a look at the new SKECHERS sandals for spring. … [Read more...]

Reebok RunTone Shoe ~A Toning Shoe for Running~

Need a new pair of running shoes? Well click this out! Go ahead click the banner! Reebok RunTone!!!! Running never looked so good. The RunTone Prime is an innovative running shoe optimized with Moving Air Technology, built-in balance pods that transfer air in response to your stride and create micro-instability with every step of your run. Balance ball-inspired pods with Moving Air Technology transfer air in response to your stride and create micro-instability with every step Synthetic/mesh upper, with a running-inspired design, for comfort, support, breathability and durability Forefoot flex grooves for optimal flexibility through footstrike and push-off EVA midsole for added cushioning and shock absorption; multi-surface outsole for traction and durability Check out all the color colors they have... … [Read more...]

The Biggest Loser Meal Plan by eDiets

Things are heating up on The Biggest Loser® this season! I want to help you lose weight along with the Season 11 cast by offering a free week of meals from The Biggest Loser® Meal Plan from eDiets. When you sign up for The Biggest Loser® Meal Plan at eDiets.com. Join The Biggest Loser® Meal Plan and Get a Week Free … [Read more...]