~Blue Cross Covers ViSalus~

I just found this article about ViSalus’s wellness program called, “The 90-Day Challenge” and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

It says, “Blue Cross covers ViSalus Auto-Ship Under Weight Loss Insurance.” Blue Cross Blue Shield could pay for your challenge kit if your insurance covers wellness programs. This wellness program that ViSalus has is the real thing. Why does it work so well? Well it’s the taste of the shake and the millions of recipes for the shakes that work. If you like something you are going to stick with it. Vi-Shape Shakes are the best tasting shakes I have ever had. Call your insurance company and find out what they cover as far as weight loss insurance. Here are our kits!


If your insurance company covers the 90-Day Challenge then send me an email at dragonfly.more@gmail.com and I will help you start your wellness program.

You can visit my website for more information about the 90-Day Challenge


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