Blogging Tips

I have found some really great blogs with tips and tutorials on everything to do with blogs. If you need to make a button for your blog or add a grab box code, these blogs have it all. Here they are:

Want to be a better blogger? Then click on the blog titles and start reading and writing everything down. As I run across more helpful blogs, I will add them to this list. If you want your blog title add to this list then email me and I will add you to the list.

Here is a tip I just learned. If you would like to leave a click able link to your blog in a comment, this is how you do it.


This is what it should look like:
<a href=””>My Fitness World</a>

So now you can make it easier for people to follow you back.

Now what is a Blog Frog and why follow???

Basically, Blog Frog is a platform that turns blogs into communities.  It is a place where blogs can set up forums for their readers to interact. It is a place to join other forums and exchange ideas. It is a place to network and a place to make new friends.
To learn more about how Blog Frog works visit ‘s blog.


What’s a Permalink?

Have you heard the  “permalink?” Have you wondered what it means?
The permalink is an important concept to understand.  Thankfully it is a simple concept!
A permalink is the link that permanently links to a specific post – NOT to your main blog page.  Most blog hops and memes require you to leave your permalink rather than main blog link.
Do you have a favorite post you would like to share? A past post that you would like to link in a new post? Someone else’s post that you would like to share?  Use the permalink!
Again, to learn more please visit ‘s Blog.

I used a permalink on her name….:) This tip comes in handy with blog hops and events. You can use the permalink on anything, like images, titles, words, etc….. Just copy the permalink and then link it by pasting it to what ever you are linking to.


Labels are tags you give to your blog posts so that others can quickly read posts only on that subject. This is to help make your blog look neater and easier for people to find whathey are loking for on your blog. To learn how to add a Label Cloud to your blog visit, .


Screen Shots
Have you ever wanted to take a picture of what you see on your computer screen? Well  is a really great tutoral on how to take a screen shot and post it up on your blog.

Parts Of Your BLOG

outer wrapper

main wrapper

sidebar wrapper and new sidebar wrapper (if you have a 3 column template)

Are you new to blogging and have know idea what things are called and how to design your blog. Well visit  for a great description on the parts of your blog and what they are called.
If you have any tips that you would like to share, please feel free to do so. If you run across a great blog with awesome tips please feel free to left a link to that blog in the comments.