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Control Technology Corporation designs and manufactures servo and stepper motor controls, programmable automation controllers (pac), and industrial touchscreens (hmi). Doig Corporation, based in Wisconsin, is an authorized CTC distributor.
  • CTC pioneered the integration of motion control in programmable controllers, now including EtherCAT connectivity.
  • CTC supports strong communications capabilities, including Modbus, OPC, BACnet, DeviceNet and other protocols.
  • Data Acquisition and Logging – Exceptional analog capabilities for precise data acquisition from temperature, pressure and position sensors.



The Incentive family of software components runs on standard PC hardware and creates a powerful and extensible control system. The three primary members of this family are: • IncentivePLC – a fast, multitasking controller offering powerful constructs to quickly implement a control program. • IncentiveAPI – this library of high-level automation functions lets your code, written in C#, C++ or VB.Net, interact with your IncentivePLC control program or directly with external sensors and actuators via IncentiveECAT. • IncentiveECAT – a software-based EtherCAT master controller, IncentiveECAT runs on a multicore PC platform and uses a standard Ethernet port to communicate with up to 64 servo axes, or a combination of motion drives and I/O.

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Series 5300 programmable automation controllers are self-contained compact control systems featuring high-density I/O and an impressive suite of capabilities. With such powerful integrated capabilities as high-performance motion control, strong communications and data handling provisions, and a high-level automation-specific programming language, this series of product has become a favorite with fast-moving technology companies for their automation projects.

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